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We build luxurious mobile homes that respect the environment!

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We build luxurious mobile homes that respect the environment

We build our houses to be comfortable and cosy so that we can live in them with our families.

We build our wooden houses just as if they were for our own families, adding beauty, comfort and warmth. Every house we build is made with environmentally friendly materials and proven quality to provide you with the perfect home!

Avantgarde House


  • House construction.
    The mobile home is built from construction wood on a metal frame. For the technical design, special software was used to ensure the durability of the house form under dynamic load, both when stationary and in motion. All parts are connected by metal, bolt and screw connections.
  • Walls.
    The walls are made of wood with 6 cm XPS thermal insulation and MDF panels on the inside. The house is equipped with a vapour-permeable, waterproof membrane and wooden panels on the outside. For the interior, you can choose between different wall colours and the kitchen worktop and table are fitted with HPL panels.
  • Bathroom.
    The walls of the bathroom are made of waterproof HPL panels. The floor of the shower area is made of polyester reinforced with glass fibre fabric. The furniture in the bathroom is made of waterproof PVC panels.
  • Electrical installation.
    The electrical installation of the house is standard and the cables are laid in gophers for safety. There are lighting fixtures throughout the house and the bathroom is waterproof. We provide air conditioning for heating and cooling for more comfort.
  • Water.
    The mobile home has two water tanks, each with a capacity of 150 litres, one for storing fresh water and the other for waste water. We have installed a chemical toilet with a removable waste water tank in the sanitary area.
  • Interior.
    The bed in the sleeping area is made of a lightweight aluminium structure. As the total weight of the house is limited, the furniture is made of lightweight boards (HDF and XPS) and coated with polyurethane varnish. The bed in the sleeping area is made of a light aluminium structure. The bed is designed to be raised to create space for a working room. Solid beech wood and artificial stone elements were used for the interior. The floor of the house is made of solid beech wood. The table in the living room and the kitchen worktop are made of HPL laminate, which can be chosen in different colours.
Avantgarde House

What materials do we use?

We only offer quality products and materials, which are reflected in the exterior and interior appearance of the finished house. We build our wooden houses the way we would live with our families – safe, comfortable and cosy.

We mainly use pine wood as material. Pines grow mainly in the high mountains. This is a coniferous species that has a light, plain colour and provides a feeling of comfort and coziness. It is very easy to work with and has a stylish and original look.

Stages of our work process

We use high-quality wood materials that withstand all climatic conditions, guarantee safety and comfort and are durable.

built in
Choice of the platform
Choice of model and individual customisation
Assembling the wooden construction
Sealing the structure from the outside and inside
Installation of facilities

Because it combines safety, comfort and the freedom to be where you want, when you want.


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  • Tiny House 7.6

    Name Model 7.6 Material Cham Area 24м2 Length / Height 7,60м / 2,50м First floor 19м2 Second floor 5м2 Veranda 5.2м2 Its weight is up to 3, 500 kg, can be driven with category B+E.
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Latest Projects

Проект 7.6

Project 7.6 Tiny Mobile House

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Opinions of
our customers

Andreas Müller
Client from Germany

“Die Idee eines Tiny Houses hat mich schon lange fasziniert, und Avantgarde House hat meine Erwartungen übertroffen. Die Qualität und Luxusdetails, die sie in ihre Häuser einbringen, sind beeindruckend. Mein eigenes mobiles Haus zu haben, ist ein Traum, der wahr geworden ist. Die Tatsache, dass es umweltfreundlich ist und weniger Ressourcen verbraucht, ist ein großer Pluspunkt für mich. Ich kann es kaum erwarten, mit meinem Tiny House auf Rädern auf Reisen zu gehen!”

Sabine Schneider
Client from Germany

“Ich war auf der Suche nach einer außergewöhnlichen Wohnlösung und habe bei Avantgarde House genau das gefunden! Ihr Tiny House auf Rädern ist wirklich beeindruckend. Die Möglichkeit, mein Zuhause überallhin mitnehmen zu können, ist einfach fantastisch. Die Konstruktion ist leicht und flexibel, was das Reisen angenehm macht. Die schnelle Bauzeit von nur etwa drei Monaten hat mich auch überzeugt. Das Haus ist gemütlich und komfortabel - perfekt für meine Abenteuerlust. Ich freue mich schon auf meine nächsten Reisen!”

Thomas William
Client from UK

“From the moment we contacted Designer Eco Tiny Homes, with our need to get a tiny home – quickly, they couldn’t have been more helpful and friendly. From our first phone call to delivery, they were professional, reliable and our Tiny Home exceeded all of our expectations.”