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While tiny houses are lovely, it’s essential to maximize your space to store all your belongings efficiently. To avoid a cluttered feel, everything item needs a specific place to live. So, you need to get smart with storage.

For example, consider purchasing furniture with built-in storage like a sofa, ottoman, storage bench, or even a bed with included storage. However, this idea could be built into the original design of the home, ideas like built-in cabinets into the stairs.

Custom work, whether DIY or hired out, is the ultimate way to make the most out of a tiny home.

Importantly, custom solutions or small space furniture/gear finds can always be added after you’ve moved in. Already living your tiny house? Go over every nook and cranny, to think of the places where you can create efficient storage solutions.

Having a place for everything and not having everything lying out in the open can make it feel much more like a home. You can enjoy the beauty of your space without clothing and other random items lying around.

Keep it Simple and Functional

Another great tip is to keep things simple and functional. All homes, tiny or otherwise, should have functionality. Each part of the tiny home has its role, and it needs to fulfill that role before anything else is added.

Clutter can easily happen in tiny houses, so be careful when trying to make an area „do too much.“ Let the furniture tell the story, and don’t feel the need to overload the area with a boatload of aesthetic touches.

Try to avoid overcomplicated multifunctional solutions. If more than one or two steps need to happen before you can use something, it will quickly become tiresome.

Also, it’s essential to do your best to maintain simplicity through healthy shopping and collecting habits. The more in the tiny house, the higher the potential that it will become cluttered and dysfunctional.

If your tiny house isn’t functional, it will be tough for it to feel homelike, as everything takes a lot of effort or work.

Basically, if your tiny home is simple in how it functions and works, it can allow you to truly relax and enjoy the space. 

In conclusion, we hope this article has been able to help you turn your tiny house into a homey space post taken from https://tinyhouseexpedition.com/best-design-ideas-to-turn-your-tiny-house-into-a-home/


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